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We specialize in Samsung Repair, so if you found us by typing into the search engine “Samsung Repair Near Me” congrats for finding one of the best local appliance repair companies around. We service all makes and models--no matter how old or new your appliances may be! If it has a samsung name on it - we can help fix-up those broken parts today (and yes days are always open). You won't need an appointment because our company is licensed & insured averaging 5 stars from past customers who had excellent experiences with us . Give me just one minute while I check my schedule over here...



From simple repairs to sophisticated diagnostics, we are here to help keep you and your family fresh and clean. Our technicians are professionally trained on nearly every make and model of washing machines to ensure your repairs are done right. We come ready to make fix your machine the same day with a reputation of quality and reliability.


We know you work hard to keep your family's clothes clean. That’s why Louisville Appliance Repair of Louisville, KY is here when you need us. We treat customers as if they were family, and make sure your house is running smoothly 7 days a week.

Our professional, factory-trained technicians come to your home equipped to repair your washing machine and get you back to business. Some fixes are surprisingly simple while others require sophisticated diagnostics. For over 30 years, we have helped to maintain household appliances in Louisville and surrounding areas with expertise and reliability you can count on.

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